Hi there!

For the record, I started this blog on January 1st! Who knew how much work goes into setting up a legit blog spot!


My name is Candice and I’ve always wanted to have my own blog! Yes, I know there is a lot of ways to blog such as Tumblr and that one site called..oh yeah.. LiveJournal..  that website I use to be apart of back in the day! I think its still around. But I’ve made great progress to move onward from those sites! Thus, I wanted a blog spot of my own. no sign in required. Just type in my website and boom welcome to my world of words!

When is a better time to star than now?       Now > One day

Hopefully you find some sort of reading pleasure out of this! I don’t have certain topics thus, I’ll be taking it day by day. When I mean taking it day by day I’m hoping to be blogging at least once a day. Fingers are crossed. If you know me personally then you know what they say … that I have no filter…so don’t expect one here! 😉
Lastly, If you find my blogs well… boring..  then feel free to stop reading them..duh! :p





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