Selenite Wand Necklace

Selenite Wand Necklace / Bohemian Necklace / Soldered Jewelry / Metaphysical Necklace/ Chakra Necklace/ Moon Jewelry/ Witchy Jewelry/Gypsy
Selenite wand soldered lead free necklace on a nickel free chain.


* More about this crystal*

+ Clears away darkness and shadows.

+ Helps us to avoid difficulties.

+ Protects us from harm and blame.

+ Brings clarity to the mind .

+ Quickly unblocks stagnant energy.

+ Great for clearing other crystal energies!

+ Shifts negative energy and emotions, thus great for clearing negative energies.


Placing selenite at the sacral chakra to remove stress and trauma and imbalances of the body.

Note: Selenite is very soft and can be easily scratched. It is extremely sensitive to water and humidity.

❤ This necklace was made with positive energy and is fully charged!

* Please let me know if you have any questions!*


If your interested in buying, click the shop link above!

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