Egg Plants are Purple

Tonight for dinner I made egg-plant fries and a mean veggie burger!

I didn’t know egg plants were purple until I purchased my first one ever a few days ago! Crazy. I know.  I took some pictures well because we all know I’m such a great photographer. Not.

I’m not sure what made me want to cook this perhaps I saw it off of Dr. Oz or a link online. No way would I ever eat egg-plant by itself , does anyone? If so why and do you always have to cook it before you eat it? It’s pretty bland by itself uncooked. Even my dog would not eat it!

My first major task was cutting the egg-plant, well because the directions made a big deal about this. Heck if i know why.


Step 1: Slice Evenly!

Displaying IMG_1638.JPG

Step 2: More Slicing..Evenly! 

Displaying IMG_1642.JPG

Step 3: Dunk your egg-plant slices into the scrambled egg yolks, then into your bread crumbs..season with whatever fancy’s your taste buds.;)

Step 4: Put on your non stick pan. I forgot that part. But we still made it. Cook at 425 degrees  for 15 min. Flip every 5 min.

No step here, this is what my fries went with. Super delish!!

TAAADAAAAA! The egg-plant soaked up the egg yolks very easily! Am I the only one who finds it weird to make a meal that has two ingredients with the word egg in it? The burger was super legit! Daniel gave it a ten and was super stuffed! Can I convince him to not eat meat anymore?…..DOUBT IT. haha! 


Enough about dinner. 


Many great things are going on this month! Will be told hopefully in a few days. It’s something new for me. And if It’s exciting to me then its news to be share! I have also somethings in the works with my blog, so I cannot wait to post about that. 

The other day I was asked to hold an intentions ritual at my home for this coming Saturday! Of course I accepted.  I will be documenting this with photos of course so I can blog about it. On that note, If you’re not too sure what this is all about is make sure to check back here on Sunday to read all about it! 

My polymer clay necklaces are done cooling off…time to go check out these bad boys. Photos to perhaps follow. TA-TA!







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