What a long weekend! Why must long weekends always come to an end! I need today to relax and collect myself. But, I cannot since I work today. =(    Such a busy week ahead of me! I start classes back up this Wednesday. Speech. I find speech to be a pointless class. You think taking it once in high school would enough. I could go on ranting about this pointless class and me having to pay  48.00 for a loose leaf book..but I shall not!

   The events that I did this weekend was super-duper fun!!! Have you heard of silent clubbing? I didn’t either until last Friday. It was about $15.00 to get in, then you rent your headphones. It’s super odd at first. Why? Because you cannot hear any music unless you have your head phones on. Three different dj to listen too! It’s a good place to dance and jam out for a few hours!  I think you can get a ticket on groupon for $3.75. I will be checking that out, I told Daniel I was taking him next month! They do this event once a month in Austin. CraZY. Another fun thing is signing to the music. I apologize to anyone that heard me singing loud!  Best highlight of this place, is the glow sticks! hahah


The girls! Such a fun girls night!!!


  This goes down at the north door, pretty clean legit place. I’d say to get their early so you don’t have to wait in the line. It can take probably over ten min of waiting to check in! 

  On Saturday I went to the domain for a birthday event! I can honestly say I enjoy the domain during the day vs the night-time! Crazy how the bar hopping is on Dogwood or Rosewood I forget the name of it. Guess you can say I prefer small little bars. The domain is just too overpriced for me.

Silent clubbing> Domain 

    Don’t forget next weekend I’ll be at natures treasures selling my crystal jewelry and goods! I have so much to do for next weekend…Like chain all of my jewelry. To see some of my stuff you can always click on the shop link above to be taken to my website. You can also follow me on Instagram: @Lustrouslovejewelry

   I’m hoping I can still keep up with my blogs now that school has started back up! If anything I will make sure to at least post one a week! That means super long blogs of all my weekly rants! 




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