Hello Weekend

MAN. This week has been crazy!  Well it’s probably not and it’s just myself that thinks this. Yesterday I ended up getting a fever, today I feel like poop. So I figured I would do a little blog update before my NyQuil kicks in. I have somethings I like to blog about. It may be a little our of order but whatever.

About over a month ago I ordered a bathing suit from a cute website, and of course it’s from china. And trust me I know what you are thinking. Nothing ever works out from china! But, that’s just not true. Because a lot of time it works out for me! Just not this time! I ordered a large, which still looks like a small. Joke is on me. I’m not even too sure what the fabric is made out of! Good thing I only spent like 10 bucks for trash. haha. Such a drag.

With that being said I made another purchase today of another bathing suite, that is not from China! I ordered the biggest size possible. Lets hope it fits. If not thank goodness they have free returns.

I got me the cutest pair of Tony Lama boots from goodwill!! Yes you read that right! I will have to post some pictures. They are not in the best shape on the top by the loops, but my boots cover that up. If you know me then you know I love thrift shopping. I’m the type of person that finds things next to the trash outside and is like OMG why is someone throwing this out! Thus, my coffee table is from the near by dumpster, solid oak. How could I pass that up. And yes I cleaned it.

So much wedding stuff to do. I seem to keep just scuffing it under the rug and pushing it off to the side. I have done so much, where is my momentum going. Who knows. Perhaps I did all the fun stuff and saved the worst stuff for last. By that I mean like collecting addresses.  I will say that I’m totes proud of almost being done paying off majority of my wedding stuff. Super glad I got on the ball of things when we first got engaged, but so much stuff to do.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a productive non sick day! Work on wedding stuff, Clean the home and load more jewelry into the shop. Oh yah and hit up the post office….

Not over whelming at all.


👩🏼‍🎤Check out these Quartz I picked up this weekend! They are huge!!!!! I cannot wait to make some new necklaces! If you’d wear this give me some 💜💜💜💜 Happy monday!!! Can’t wait to post the other gems I got! 


Sale sale crystals!!!!!!

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What’s This?!

YAY! I now have a logo for my page!! I’m so stoked! All the future possibilities!

     I swear about 30 min. before I logged on to my computer I had all of these topics and things that I really wanted to dig into! Of course..my mind went blank. So sorry if my blog is all over the place! 

Topic one. Social media. I KNOW.

     I noticed one of my friends defriended me from Facebook a couple of months ago..then re added me about one month later. I’m not too sure what that was all about. Then I noticed that she un followed me on Instagram. What the heck. Does friendships end now when your no longer friends on Facebook or Instagram? That is a legit question my friends.

   Yes, I guess I could send her a text message and ask.I just very much dislike confrontation sometimes. Sure you can also blame it on me being a millennial, that does not faze me. Social media is redonk! Facebook,Snapchat and Instagram all pretty much  have the same features on it!  Maybe one day one of them will buy out the others and become one big app!

       On that note, I really want to delete all social media apps. Of course here it comes but, I use it for many platforms such as selling my jewelry and advertising on it. And if I want to be in the loop with some of my friends then I have to keep the apps, because lets face it no one really  text messages each other anymore.

    As you know this thing called minimalism. I’m already pretty much on board. In fact I’m taking a lot of  my things to family members, friends and goodwill tomorrow. Full steam ahead ( choo-choo). The point im trying to get at is if I’m going to downsize things in my life then I feel the need to downsize on social media as well.

   How often do you feel you have to get on your social media app, to see if you have any new messages or notifications. You have to see if your post/photos you posted before you went to bed have any new likes or hearts, because we know a majority of people get some sort of instant satisfaction from it or even perhaps a boost of self-confidence. I find it mind-blowing.

    I think I could really go on about social media, but it also boils down to cell phones. I have a few examples, lets say with going out to dinner with a group of  friends. Ever notice how everyone is having small talk, but then at some point everyone is down looking at their cell phone. What is a more important  moment than being with the people  you cherish the most that you decided to set time aside for them for dinner. Right! I know I’m super guilty of this. And it has to change.

      I think I’ll create a healthy plan of my own. Starting off by not checking my phone first thing in the morning, perhaps giving it at least over an hour after waking up to check my “notification.”When I’m with a group of friends, family or doing something such as eating dinner or having a bonding moment, I will leave my cell phone in my purse to disconnect from the “social world” and be in the moment.

   This was honestly post to be a short post, and well if your still reading this..well thanks for reading and  I hope you got something out of this. I feel like it was a rant..man I got sidetracked!!  It’s like talking for me..once I start I can’t stop. In this case once I start typing I can’t stop ahhhhhh!!!