Blue Lace agate

Blue lace agate lead-free soldered necklace on a nickel free chain.

*More about this crystal*

+ Brings peace and calms any areas where there is a build up of energy in the body.

+ Allows explorations of subtle planes of existence.

+ Gently nurtures and soothes the emotions.

+ Settles an overactive mind.

+ Engenders feelings of belonging in the world.il_570xn-1147594996_3pzq


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Hello Good Vibes

Saturdays ritual burning was so much fun! If you have never heard of it perhaps you have heard it called intention setting. I’ve done this before by myself on a full moon. But, this one was for getting the negative things from 2016. It’s a new year so why not kick out those ugly, negative habits you don’t want burdening you anymore!

I took a few photos from the evening. If you do this, just make sure when its time to light a fire you have some water in case things get crazy! Lucky for us nothing too crazy happened. It was really cold on my patio but, it was the perfect setting. I hope you enjoy the pictures of course. Once I get the link for those who need a more guided step, it will be at the end of this post. If not I will update it when I find the correct link!



Snacks are always  a must! I just love cheese so much and what kind of host would I be to not have any yummy snacks. In the blue bowl was pasta chips! If you have not had any before you must. Not too sure on the chip brand name, sorry! But it was gmo free and tasty! =)




Sage is a must have to complete this ritual. You will use it once your done lighting your intentions on fire and no you don’t have to read it out loud to anyone. It’s for you viewing purposes only.


I tried to mix in some dried up roses with the sage, and well it was a bust. I didn’t light the way I wanted it to. In the end we went with a sage leaf/stem. Yes not the whole bundle. I’ve heard that if you burn the whole bundle at once, it can smell not so great again after you light it back up next time. Helpful tip I hope!


Another thing to mention because most people get this confused. Sage is the actual plant/leaf.  Smudging is the practice of clearing out bad energies or just bad vibes.  When you have your sage and your ready to start all you do is light it on fire and once it goes out that is when you start your smudging. Make sure you use a burn proof item to hold it in. I used a sea shell, it works perfect! You can get his at your local crystal store most of the time.


I didn’t get a photo us all of us writing on paper of the things we wanted to leave in 2016. Make sure to also list the things that are burdening you that you want to release yourself of as well.






To light our intentions on fire, I used a glass jar from an old candle. It seemed to do the trick. Once we had a little good fire I put my paper in the mix and you can see it sure did burn in flames. Haha.


We did this about 5 min for each paper to burn until it was no longer a flame. This was the finished look..ashes!




The next step is to light your sage on fire, once it goes out you take it and pretty much just move it all around you to clear all the negative energy you’ve been holding on too. It has a pretty relaxing smell I think. The other girls agreed too.


That was pretty much my short version of intention setting. Once we did that, I took the sage into my apartment and walked around with it. Might as well clear the energy of your home while you’re at it! If you have crystals in your home, sage is a great way to clear the energies . Just a little tip in case you did not know!

Once I find the proper link to give you a more guided outline I will post it on here!

Perhaps coming soon, my favorite personal crystals and what they do!  Thanks for reading!


Say What…


Click link first if this did not load for you! ^^ 😉

            This is the reaction I usually get from people when I tell them my plans for after getting married. Curious to know what it is? Want me to tell you? Do you really want to? Well okay then.  After Daniel and I get married in October we plan on getting a tiny house! Did your reaction look like the gif above?! 

             But you want kids don’t you?! Of course we want kids. What will you do with all of your stuff?!  Bingo! My topic for the night. I just got done really  going through my bedroom and closet. Getting rid of things we no longer need or serves no purpose. And yes, I know I can keep the really important things that mean a lot to me..duh!    

           No this is not a silly new years resolution, which its okay if you have a resolution. I’d rather just take it day by day. Plus I started this before the new year.It’s just been taking me a good amount of time to get it done. Best Tip I can give to anyone who wants to downsize is start with one room. Make sure you have bags for trash/donations/giveaway and a change jar! I found so much change in this process. 

        Kind of funny how I said “change jar”and i’m making “changesssss”…haha lame joke! I found it amusing. 

       Right now I’m about one closet from being done. If you were to walk into my apartment right now you would see just big boxes and bags by the door. It looks like I’m moving in! Thank goodness I’m not, I live on the freaking third floor. It amazes me how much stuff I have carried up within the last few years!

      The most thing that blows my mind the most was downsizing my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen is small because I live in an apartment but have you ever realized how many sets of dishes you have?! Or mismatched cups or utensils! I’m not a perfectionist but after noticing this I just had to make sure I only had one set dishes that all matched! If you only have 2 people living in your apartment why must we have over 8 plates?! Don’t even get me started on how many cups we used to have. 

     Fact: The reason my blog post is called the “Little gypsy in Texas” is so when we do get our tiny house my blog will already be established and I’ll be ready to blog about our tiny house life! Wooooo! Bet you didn’t see that coming! 

        Well simmer down now child. It’s time for me to unwind and get ready for bed…Not. Just got done putting my blankets in the dryer. So I’ll be watching to diy tv on yurts! Which I showed Daniel this today..and he really tried to talk me into it. One thing I cannot do is live in a yurt, you have to feel really safe where you live! If your not sure one what a yurt is leap on over to google and check it out! Leave me some feedback on if you could live in one?!