Hello Weekend

MAN. This week has been crazy!  Well it’s probably not and it’s just myself that thinks this. Yesterday I ended up getting a fever, today I feel like poop. So I figured I would do a little blog update before my NyQuil kicks in. I have somethings I like to blog about. It may be a little our of order but whatever.

About over a month ago I ordered a bathing suit from a cute website, and of course it’s from china. And trust me I know what you are thinking. Nothing ever works out from china! But, that’s just not true. Because a lot of time it works out for me! Just not this time! I ordered a large, which still looks like a small. Joke is on me. I’m not even too sure what the fabric is made out of! Good thing I only spent like 10 bucks for trash. haha. Such a drag.

With that being said I made another purchase today of another bathing suite, that is not from China! I ordered the biggest size possible. Lets hope it fits. If not thank goodness they have free returns.

I got me the cutest pair of Tony Lama boots from goodwill!! Yes you read that right! I will have to post some pictures. They are not in the best shape on the top by the loops, but my boots cover that up. If you know me then you know I love thrift shopping. I’m the type of person that finds things next to the trash outside and is like OMG why is someone throwing this out! Thus, my coffee table is from the near by dumpster, solid oak. How could I pass that up. And yes I cleaned it.

So much wedding stuff to do. I seem to keep just scuffing it under the rug and pushing it off to the side. I have done so much, where is my momentum going. Who knows. Perhaps I did all the fun stuff and saved the worst stuff for last. By that I mean like collecting addresses.  I will say that I’m totes proud of almost being done paying off majority of my wedding stuff. Super glad I got on the ball of things when we first got engaged, but so much stuff to do.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a productive non sick day! Work on wedding stuff, Clean the home and load more jewelry into the shop. Oh yah and hit up the post office….

Not over whelming at all.


👩🏼‍🎤Check out these Quartz I picked up this weekend! They are huge!!!!! I cannot wait to make some new necklaces! If you’d wear this give me some 💜💜💜💜 Happy monday!!! Can’t wait to post the other gems I got! 


Sale sale crystals!!!!!!

We are having a sale! Click on the link above!

Vegan Buffalo Wings!

    Okay this may sound a little bit cray if you’re a meat-eater who loves their buffalo wings..If not then keep reading! Or hey keep reading if you love meat, you may fancy this and give it a try!  It all began wanting to go to a vegan restaurant  last weekend that we never made it to.It was cuddle weather outside all the way. Enough said.

         So .The other day I ended up googling how to make these cauliflower buffalo wings. It really does not take many ingredients to make this. Again, I’m not into going to the store to buy everything in there. For the most part I use the ingredients that I have at home and may just but one important ingredient.. today it was pepper! I’ll post the link below on where I got my recipe from. I found it on pop something..but noticed they got it from mind body and green. That seems to be popping up a lot these days!  I thought I was going to make this blog about how to make this. But lets face it I’m not the best person to tell directions. I can’t even tell a joke without ruining it!

Thus, Here is my photo of the final product >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This was the plate I made Daniel. It came out so perfect!  The directions called for cutting the cauliflower into snack size. Note, do not do this! If your like my and never cooked with this before (I know!) It falls apart and crumbles easily! So cut it bigger than your snack size potion! Make this meal!

If you scroll down a bit.

Here we go. My first go around at this. ^^

So tiny! They ended up like nibble size. It was only right it give it a tiny portion of dipping sauce to go with it!

Below you will see the two food hounds I was dealing with! I cannot lie I do love the company they keep me in the kitchen!

img_1940 img_1939img_1935        Topic change. Did you know that they have vegan butter?! Good for you if you did! I sure did not. It taste just like butter. Why consume butter when you can have this in your life! I also did find some vegan shredded cheese I cannot wait to get my hands on.


    Earlier today I was getting stressed out. I had a moment to think and ponder. What was getting me overwhelmed/stressed out? When I sat down and thought about it. I realized how insane I was reacting over this. My conclusion.It’s seriously one day at a time. I had no idea why I was stressing out about something 2 weeks from now. I having things I need to focus on now and tomorrow! Crazy. So simple. Easier said than done. I need to work on this, I shall put it into my cloud of things to work on. And by that I mean in my brain Haha (joke lol).

    Maybe a week ago I said I wanted to stop getting on my cell phone first thing in the morning? Well, I’ve noticed me grabbing for my phone recently in the past mornings. As soon as I notice this I would put my cell phone back down. I’m super thrilled on my  progress. And super stoked I’ve remembered to do this every morning so far. Maybe one day it will just be habit to not reach for my phone when I wake up.

     Can someone give me my cell phone back from when I was 19? All I ever wanted to do with it is play snake on it and stick a vans sticker on the back of it!

Time to go paint!



Hello again! 

       Glad you made it back to see if I would make a 2nd post…of course I did. 

       I seem to get my blogging wind at night, I’m not going to lie I’m a little unsure If I’m using the correct word. All I can imagine now is a dark cold night and wind blowing..oh my. Hey If by chance I’m not using the correct term let me know! Haha.

       First things first. Vanderpump rules. I don’t care if you like the show or not. I love it! Guilty. I know I’m not the only one so deal with it! Here we go…. what the heck Lala! Get your ish together!! I’m really surprised that James is even still your friend! And I really dislike James!                                                                                                                                                             I guess it doesn’t really matter much since I read online she will not be returning next season. Perhaps her singing career didn’t take off like she wanted it too. I cannot wait till shes off the show. James sober is looking like a golden trophy (perhaps silver) at this point! 

James> Lala

And side note…a  relationship that has to be on the hush hush can’t be healthy or good for your soul. Just saying. 


         After I made my blog official last night I woke up saying why on earth did I start this blog again? You know when you think about something and you think it seems cool and you want to go for it. Well that Is what I did last night..I went for it. And to tell you the truth.. It’s really enjoyable to be sitting at my desk with some good quality quite time sipping on my oolong tea.

Perhaps this blog sounds choppy? But I like to type how I talk…you know?

         Back to waking up and being like OH CRAP I have a blog to update today.. and I have no clue what about! Well with the tv on already and looking up I see Dr. Oz is on talking about a plant based diet. Thank goodness I had today off or I would have missed this great special. I won’t go into details about it but, if you want to know more just google Dr.Oz as I’m sure he has a website.

      Anywhoot.  I really don’t agree calling going  vegetarian  a “diet.” It’s not something you do just to loose weight, you should do it because its good for the environment and your saving the lives of animals! Sorry not trying to go on a rant.

        I’ve been practicing being vegetarian over 6 months now..maybe going on 7 months. And it’s hard because I’m no so creative on my meal plans. I really have to do research on what I want to eat if I choose to cook in the kitchen. My fiance is a meat eater. Compromise is something we work on dinner wise, but he’s truly supportive. Thus, he was super excited when I told him I was making vegetarian chili for dinner tonight!  Thank you Rachel Ray for the outline! 

       If I remember I will make sure to link it for ya’ll. I really like to make meals that I have the essentials for. If It looks like I have to buy the whole dang grocery store to do so, you can just forget about me making that meal!

Below are pictures of my ingredients and the outcome!…..Keep scrolling..

The Main Ingredients.

Note: The borracho beans, Daniel ( my fiance) picked out these beans. It was not till we got home I saw it had chicken broth in it. 😦  I did make sure to drain the beans. Lesson to be learned always read the ingredients! I didn’t mention this to him. He’s so helpful and rated my meal a 10, so how could I! HAHA 


The beef less ground was not called for but, I have like 2 bags of this in my freezer! I felt it gave the chili a more solid taste. So this is optional. I was happy about my call on adding  It in.=) 


 The most challenging part of making this meal..Chopping everything up! I really felt  I had to sneeze at any giving moment, and was choking and crying at the same time! It was a terrible feeling! 


Finished product…ooooo ahhhhhh! So yummy! This meal will last us about 2 days! A big bag of corn chips was also used to devour this meal! I’m super stoked that I can now make my own type of chili when its super cold outside! Go me! Wooo!  Do you have your own recipe that you use? Feel free to drop a comment or just click the contact link up above! 

IMG_1591.JPG   I’m not chef but dang that looks slamming! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and of course my dinner meal with you.