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Hello Good Vibes

Saturdays ritual burning was so much fun! If you have never heard of it perhaps you have heard it called intention setting. I’ve done this before by myself on a full moon. But, this one was for getting the negative things from 2016. It’s a new year so why not kick out those ugly, negative habits you don’t want burdening you anymore!

I took a few photos from the evening. If you do this, just make sure when its time to light a fire you have some water in case things get crazy! Lucky for us nothing too crazy happened. It was really cold on my patio but, it was the perfect setting. I hope you enjoy the pictures of course. Once I get the link for those who need a more guided step, it will be at the end of this post. If not I will update it when I find the correct link!



Snacks are always  a must! I just love cheese so much and what kind of host would I be to not have any yummy snacks. In the blue bowl was pasta chips! If you have not had any before you must. Not too sure on the chip brand name, sorry! But it was gmo free and tasty! =)




Sage is a must have to complete this ritual. You will use it once your done lighting your intentions on fire and no you don’t have to read it out loud to anyone. It’s for you viewing purposes only.


I tried to mix in some dried up roses with the sage, and well it was a bust. I didn’t light the way I wanted it to. In the end we went with a sage leaf/stem. Yes not the whole bundle. I’ve heard that if you burn the whole bundle at once, it can smell not so great again after you light it back up next time. Helpful tip I hope!


Another thing to mention because most people get this confused. Sage is the actual plant/leaf.  Smudging is the practice of clearing out bad energies or just bad vibes.  When you have your sage and your ready to start all you do is light it on fire and once it goes out that is when you start your smudging. Make sure you use a burn proof item to hold it in. I used a sea shell, it works perfect! You can get his at your local crystal store most of the time.


I didn’t get a photo us all of us writing on paper of the things we wanted to leave in 2016. Make sure to also list the things that are burdening you that you want to release yourself of as well.






To light our intentions on fire, I used a glass jar from an old candle. It seemed to do the trick. Once we had a little good fire I put my paper in the mix and you can see it sure did burn in flames. Haha.


We did this about 5 min for each paper to burn until it was no longer a flame. This was the finished look..ashes!




The next step is to light your sage on fire, once it goes out you take it and pretty much just move it all around you to clear all the negative energy you’ve been holding on too. It has a pretty relaxing smell I think. The other girls agreed too.


That was pretty much my short version of intention setting. Once we did that, I took the sage into my apartment and walked around with it. Might as well clear the energy of your home while you’re at it! If you have crystals in your home, sage is a great way to clear the energies . Just a little tip in case you did not know!

Once I find the proper link to give you a more guided outline I will post it on here!

Perhaps coming soon, my favorite personal crystals and what they do!  Thanks for reading!


Howlite Creation

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         Last night I made this beautiful howlite polymer clay necklace. I must say I’m in love with it! I will be posting this onto my etsy shop sometime this evening, so keep an eye out! With a couple bad runs with polymer clay in the past I almost gave up on making more necklaces.If I can keep this up then I see a future with polymer clay! 




Egg Plants are Purple

Tonight for dinner I made egg-plant fries and a mean veggie burger!

I didn’t know egg plants were purple until I purchased my first one ever a few days ago! Crazy. I know.  I took some pictures well because we all know I’m such a great photographer. Not.

I’m not sure what made me want to cook this perhaps I saw it off of Dr. Oz or a link online. No way would I ever eat egg-plant by itself , does anyone? If so why and do you always have to cook it before you eat it? It’s pretty bland by itself uncooked. Even my dog would not eat it!

My first major task was cutting the egg-plant, well because the directions made a big deal about this. Heck if i know why.


Step 1: Slice Evenly!

Displaying IMG_1638.JPG

Step 2: More Slicing..Evenly! 

Displaying IMG_1642.JPG

Step 3: Dunk your egg-plant slices into the scrambled egg yolks, then into your bread crumbs..season with whatever fancy’s your taste buds.;)

Step 4: Put on your non stick pan. I forgot that part. But we still made it. Cook at 425 degrees  for 15 min. Flip every 5 min.

No step here, this is what my fries went with. Super delish!!

TAAADAAAAA! The egg-plant soaked up the egg yolks very easily! Am I the only one who finds it weird to make a meal that has two ingredients with the word egg in it? The burger was super legit! Daniel gave it a ten and was super stuffed! Can I convince him to not eat meat anymore?…..DOUBT IT. haha! 


Enough about dinner. 


Many great things are going on this month! Will be told hopefully in a few days. It’s something new for me. And if It’s exciting to me then its news to be share! I have also somethings in the works with my blog, so I cannot wait to post about that. 

The other day I was asked to hold an intentions ritual at my home for this coming Saturday! Of course I accepted.  I will be documenting this with photos of course so I can blog about it. On that note, If you’re not too sure what this is all about is make sure to check back here on Sunday to read all about it! 

My polymer clay necklaces are done cooling off…time to go check out these bad boys. Photos to perhaps follow. TA-TA!