Blue Lace agate

Blue lace agate lead-free soldered necklace on a nickel free chain.

*More about this crystal*

+ Brings peace and calms any areas where there is a build up of energy in the body.

+ Allows explorations of subtle planes of existence.

+ Gently nurtures and soothes the emotions.

+ Settles an overactive mind.

+ Engenders feelings of belonging in the world.il_570xn-1147594996_3pzq


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Green Obsidian Soldered Necklace

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      Green obsidian soldered lead free necklace on a nickel free chain!

* More about this crystal*

+ Green obsidian is a man made stone, but still has the same healing properties as regular obsidian!

+ Grounds and protects us.

+ Helps brings things to the surface more gently regarding the situation.

+ Provides balance during time of change.

+ Stone of serenity and purity, and can shield against negativity.

+ Used for protection from physical and emotional harm.

+ Associated with the root chakra.
❤ This Necklace was made with positive energy and is fully charged!

* Please let me know if you have any questions!